Oc Name- Rage

Username- lily3737

Group- Hourglass


Personality- Caring, Respected And Respectful to others, Obedient at times, And is a Jokster

Roleplay Example- XQ The Juggernaut Belligerent Voluminous Stalwart Temerarious Mounded Tere Annhilation Obstructionist Akaghan Submerging Skyrocketing Via Displaying Exhibited Serrated Dentures Placed Upon Acroimiclanaicular Encompassing Cascading Sanguine Fluid, She Interlocked Her Dentures Lacerating Jugular Vein, She Subsequently Boulevensemently Excavated Through Adversary Flesh Constitutional Spinal Column Signifying Final Motion XQ


Oc Name- Tundra

Username- lily3737

Group- Hourglass

Description- Pale perplexing green clover colored spectecules, achromatic and atramentous integumentary, blue moon shaped patches on integumentary, Strong healthy muscled body, immensely humongus

Personality- Serious, Responsible, Obedient Almost ALWAYS, And loves to fool around when permitted.

Siblings/Related To/Kin/Mate- Mate: Havoc/ Sisters: Damaris(Daisybelle9), Rayya (Twinklethetiger200), Fae (francodog), and Nithya (xxwintersongxx)

Roleplay Example- XQ The Mounded Temerarious Voluminous Bouleversement Maswell Tere Milligrant Benevolent Juggernaut

Roleplay ExamplesEdit

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